Our mission is to provide a truly unique performing arts experience to the West Valley. Through high quality productions in the areas of music, dance, and theatre, we can empower artists of all ages to pursue their dreams in the performing arts.

Triad Performing Arts of Arizona was founded in August 2020 out of recognition of the need to provide performance opportunities to children and adults in the West Valley.

At its heart, our mission is to create and expand performance opportunities in music, dance, and theater with an emphasis on excellence and professionalism. With an emphasis on collaboration between the arts, performers of all ages will now have a vehicle to pursue their artistic goals.

The inspiration for this endeavor was born out of the experience of two of our founders, Kat & Brian Honsberger. In 2012 they established Kat’s Artist Tree, a Music, Dance, and Arts Academy located in Goodyear, AZ. They have always dreamed of being able to provide their students, and others across the West Valley, opportunities to perform in larger scale productions. Other artists and friends recognized the need for more performing arts in the West Valley, and thus Triad was born.

“Triad” refers to the three main areas of performing arts that we will focus on – ballet, theater, and music. Our goal is to create productions in each area individually, such as full length ballets and musicals.  But what makes us truly unique is that we will also create performances that combine ballet, theatre, and music together. We believe this is beneficial for exposing our performers and audiences to new genres of the performing arts, and also for allowing creative minds to make something completely new.  In the same spirit of community and collaboration, we are inviting people of all ages to participate, in order to learn from one another and create connections in our community that didn’t exist before. 

There is no limit to what can be done when we do it together.  This is true of the board and volunteers of Triad, who will work hard to make sure the West Valley has access to these opportunities, and the students and performers themselves who will learn to use their talents and express themselves in ways they had not imagined.