The Nutcracker Fantasy

Triad Performing Arts presents a unique and unforgettable tale
inspired by the holiday classic! The Nutcracker Fantasy features
the dancing, acting, and singing talents of local performers
for an entertaining treat for the whole family.

December 16 & 17, 2023

PebbleCreek Renaissance Theater
16222 Clubhouse Drive
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Adult $27  | Student $21  | Seniors $21

Rehearsal Schedule and Callboard (Cast Only)

Aaliyah JaquezParty Girl, Arabian Dancer, FlowerDance
Abbi RobertsonMrs. Hoffman, Party MomDance/Act
Abby HowlandParty Girl, Spanish Dancer, FlowerDance
Adelyn ManningLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance
Alana SlagerAngel, Chinese DancerDance
Alix BreckeParty Girl, Snow, Chinese Soloist, Flower (Clara understudy)Dance
Alexia LadeMouse, Gingerbread, Baby Angel, Neighborhood KidDance/Act
Andersen BloombergRat King, Russian SoloistDance/Act
Audra LuntSnow (Sat), Flower (Sat)Dance
Aurora AurelioBaby Angel, GingerbreadDance
Autumn BakerSoldier, Angel, ChineseDance/Act
Ava Everitt-SharpeSpanish Dancer, GingerbreadDance
Ava WilliamsBaby Angel, Gingerbread, MouseDance/Act
Caleb JenkinsSoldier (Alex), Neighborhood Kid, Act 2 NarratorAct
Caitlyn SteenAngel, Chinese DancerDance
Camila DominguezSpanish Dancer, Flower (Russian understudy)Dance
Cassie KempfBaby AngelDance
Cassidy SniderSoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
Charlotte HilbyParty Girl, Marzipan, FlowerDance
Chloe DaileySoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
Clara WilderMouse, Neighborhood KidAct
Danika TanoriAngel, Chinese DancerDance
Dillan Van VlietParty Boy, Soldier, TrumpeterDance/Act
Elise KirschnerSoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
EmmaLee EatonPre-show musicMusic
Emmalyn DenkeRat Henchman, Act 2 NarratorAct
Evan SainzParty Parent, Nutcracker/CavalierDance/Act
Gabriel LaMarParty Boy, Trumpeter, MarzipanDance
Gemma LaneLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance
Genevieve JenkinsNanny, Snow, Russian, Flower (Sun)Dance/Act
Grace CalvertMrs. StahlbaumDance/Act
Harper ManningParty Girl, Snow, Arabian Dancer, FlowerDance
Hazel BegleyMouseAct
Honor RobertsonParty BoyDance
Isaac SainzMr. Hoffman, Party ParentDance/Act
Isla PunBaby AngelDance
Joseph McVeyFritzDance/Act
Kaia HonsbergerBaby Angel, Gingerbread, Hoffman Daughter 2Dance/Act
Katie KirschnerParty Girl, Chinese Dancer, Flower, AngelDance
Kyana MooreSoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
Lacy SevilleMouseAct
Lancey GerakMaid, Snow, Russian, FlowerDance
Laurel GumpLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance
LeeAnn Rose GravesRussian, FlowerDance
Leila HeiselmanParty Girl, Spanish Dancer, FlowerDance
Lila AthertonBaby AngelDance
Lila BargerMouse, Gingerbread, Neighborhood Kid, Act 2 NarratorDance/Act
Lillee EatonSoldier, Angel, Chinese DancerDance/Act
Lillian SmithHoffman Daughter 1, Angel, ChineseDance/Act
Maliyah OwensLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance
Mary KeoghRat Henchman, Spanish Dancer, GingerbreadDance/Act
Megan Elliot HowlandSoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
Melanie LoyaSpanish Dancer, GingerbreadDance
Meaghan KeoghMother Ginger, Snow, Spanish DancerDance/Act
MiaJae WongLittle SisterDance
Mikayla DennenParty Girl, Arabian Dancer, FlowerDance
Morgan ZyckParty Parent, Snow, Arabian Soloist, Lead FlowerDance
Naomi ManascoParty Girl, Marzipan, FlowerDance
Nicholas McVeyPre-show musicMusic
Nina HonsbergerBallerina Doll, Snow, Arabian Dancer, FlowerDance/Act
Olivia ManningMouse, Neighborhood Kid, Act 2 NarratorAct
Rayna LaMarSnow Queen, Dew DropDance
Ruthie BatesNeighborhood Kid, Act 2 NarratorAct
Ryan McEldowneySoldier, Neighborhood KidAct
Selah GrayLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance
Serene WooSoldier, Neighborhood Kid, Act 2 NarratorAct
Sonia HonsbergerParty Parent, Snow, Spanish Soloist, Lead Flower (SnowQueen, Dew understudy)Dance
Sophia AroraSpanish Dancer, GingerbreadDance
Tessa LaMarParty Parent, Russian, Act 2 NarratorDance
Theodore WilliamsMouse, Party BoyAct
Tiffany CordovaSoldier, Angel, Chinese DancerDance/Act
Tilly LopezBaby AngelDance
Titus RobertsonParty Boy, Hoffman Son, GingerbreadDance/Act
Tracy SniderClara/Sugar PlumDance/Act
Zayin HolmesParty ParentDance
Zoe CrosseLittle Sister, Royal Attendant, Little FlowerDance